USA # Passafire

You are still waiting for this years biggest record release? Wait just a month! ‘Vines’ – the upcoming album from US-band Passafire – will be released by Easy Star Records on November 11th. The four-piece from Savannah, Georgia, are creating an incredibly unique blend of Reggae, Rock and Funk and they know how to indulge the ears of their fans, as they are the first band to install a radio, which plays all night long their best songs. Not to forget, it is their personal claim to tour constantly, with big Reggae-bands such as 311, Pepper and Rebelution. But unfortunately there was no European tour yet.

It seems Passafire attained a higher level with their fourth album ‘Start From Scratch’, with unprecedented synth sounds and outstanding bass lines. Singer and guitarist Ted Bowne is a great songwriter and even produces by himself, as he has his own record studio. In a month one can listen to his best vines. 

Today they released the studio version of the song ‘Earthquake’ from their upcoming album ‘Vines’.


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